At first when I heard that Osama Bin Laden had died I said “yay!” and was almost immediately overwhelmed by a sense of shame. I thought about how sad the world is and felt like I’d betrayed my humanity.

After that I spent some time looking at photos of him on the internet, trying to figure out what must have happened to him to send him down that path. It should never be forgotten that he is a human being and as much pain and sadness as he brought into the world, I can’t in good conscience rejoice in his death.

I feel like we have a social contract with one another and the fundamental part that underpins that contract is the bond of our humanity. Recognising each other’s humanity is what stops us from doing terrible things. But when we refuse to see someone’s humanity we break that bond and that contract. We betray ourselves and each other, and the world suffers as a result.

Osama Bin Laden’s death brings me no joy, no sense of triumph, no sense of comfort or solace. All it makes me do is reflect on the tragedy of it all and to hope with every part of me that things will get better. I sincerely believe that will only happen if we remember each other’s humanity and love that humanity, regardless of who it resides in and what they decide to do with it. Even if it is lost, the loss should be mourned and the humanity remembered. If we can do that then I think we have some chance of truly loving one another and truly having something great.


One Comment on “Untitled”

  1. Evelyn says:

    Your comments are sound reflective and thoughtful and those of a person who bonds with humanity. The tragedy is that there are those in the World who do not have this connect. Unfortunately in this instance the non connect reseulted in mayhem and disaster for many lives.

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