You say ‘potato’, I say ‘I don’t eat complex carbohydrates’

You say ‘tomato’, I say ‘I adhere to the belief that tomatoes are poisonous because of their relation to the ‘nightshade family’. If everyone would just open their eyes they would see that the Italians have been trying to kill us for centuries.’


Potato! Low GI muesli!

Tomato! Italian death food!

Let’s call the whole thing off!


You say ‘either’, I say ‘Too much choice is bad for us.’

You say ‘neither’, I say ‘If you really appreciated your privileged position as a white male in Western society then you wouldn’t be so fussy with your choices. You know there are people who never have the option. I just think you should think about that for a while.’


Either! Variety can be crippling!

Neither! Lack of appreciation for the opportunities that are just handed to you on a silver platter!

Let’s call the whole thing off!


You say ‘It was really nice meeting you but I don’t think it’s going to work out. You’re kind of self-satisfied and obnoxiously opinionated. I’d rather date someone more easygoing and less…obscurely racist.’

I say ‘Oh…’


3 Comments on “”

  1. Evelyn O'Brion says:

    But I love potatoes and tomatoes and Italians for that matter so yes …….lets call the whole thing off!!!!!

  2. Tracer says:

    obscurely racist?

    as in you are racist against those with an irish hispanic descent?

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