“I don’t understand the question and I won’t respond to it.”

Lucille Bluth


That’s pretty much exactly how I feel about Glee.


5 Comments on “”

  1. dinosaurthing says:

    Wow accidentally found your blog and its great!!! Best accident this week!

  2. dinosaurthing says:

    This might straddle the line between creepy and lame (definitely not the best of lines), but I think we should totally be friends…..or Not. I mean its all good either way, but still….we really should be.

    • Wait, wait. Are you telling me that my cynical, negative, slightly aggressive, erratically inappropriate personality has actually won me a friend?

      This…has never happened to me before.

      • dinosaurthing says:

        That’s what I’m sayin’…You crazy dolphin hater, you.

        I mean I totally have tons of friends already (cause I’m super cool and tales of what an awesome friend I can be have spread around the town) so it’s not like I don’t have any friends, oh no ma’am, not me….I’ve got so many, even my friends have friends!

        Now even though i’m clearly quite busy doing fun things with lots of people, all the time. If you wanted to be my friend, I could probably start friending with you…um, I don’t know….Immediately?

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