Awww isn’t that stupid and pointless!

This sappy piece of shit is floating around tumblr today:

Unfortunately the person writing this forgot to add in:

– learn how to write like I’ve mastered my basic motor functions

– not be a douchebag anymore

The only things that don’t sound horrible on this list are gelato, movies and cuddling.

I’m guessing that at the bottom of this list there’s a point crossed out that says “write a list of ridiculous, random crap that makes me seem whimsical, romantic and fun but in reality is highly impractical nonsense that only fairies tripping on LSD would want to do”.

I’ve given it a try myself and I think I’ve done pretty well.


This is way too easy. Here’s another one.


4 Comments on “Awww isn’t that stupid and pointless!”

  1. crookedmile says:

    Too many things about this post that made me laugh-choke, so instead of listing them I’ll just clap at my computer screen as soon as I’m done typing this sentence.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know who you are or where you came from but golly gosh you’re funny!

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