P-time in the V-town

Well this is an incredibly belated post that I’ve been meaning to put up for ages.

Basically, I have some very exciting news courtesy of fellow Regretsy follower and Etsy seller ‘Autumn’s Antics’.

Inspired by my post ‘Got Milk, Fuckpants?‘ Autumn has awesomely cross-stitched the now famous (in my mind) phrase “I am just psycho when it’s P-time in the V-town” into a sampler that can be proudly hung on your wall at home- reminding everyone of what a rabid, crazy bitch you are when your lady troubles are around.



I cannot express how much I truly love this. Somehow I managed to miss it being sold in AprilsArmy‘s shop (Regretsy’s Etsy charity shop) and so now I weep and weep that I cannot own it.

I am thinking that perhaps I will simply pester Autumn to make me another one so that I can hang it on my wall as an homage to myself and how great I am. I mean sure, I already have a mirror, but that only reflects my visual magnificence. I think I need something to reflect the majesty of my thoughts and words without wallpapering my room with print outs of my blog posts like I know so many of you already have.

Anyway, even though this is no longer for sale I just wanted to thank Autumn for being a super-awesome and unique snowflake of a human being and to acknowledge the greatness of her cross stitching skills.

You can check out Autumn’s shop on etsy here (she sells some truly great stuff): http://www.etsy.com/shop/autumnsanticsstore

She is also available for your fan-like awe on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/AutumnsAntics

Here is the listing for the sampler, with more pictures and general greatness: http://www.etsy.com/listing/80630637/p-time-in-v-town-framed-cross-stitch

Thanks again, Autumn. Once gay marriage is legalised in Australia I think we should get hitched. Then, once our periods are in synch, we can be psychopaths together to the point that the local newspaper ends up dedicating a monthly section to our violent domestic disputes, naked rampages through town and various other acts of disturbing irrationality.

Until then, I shall love you from afar.


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