According to Almay, Black people either don’t exist or shouldn’t get to win prizes.


2 Comments on “According to Almay, Black people either don’t exist or shouldn’t get to win prizes.”

  1. Jordan says:

    Damn racism. That’s so blatantly retarded it’s funny. Funny in the sad, shaking my head at humanity’s stupidity way, especially when it comes to the cosmetics industry.

    Mind you, I’ve seen black girls in makeup commercials. At least they’re not all racist companies.

    On a random note, I’ve never seen a makeup commercial aimed at males. You know, cross dressers, emos and metrosexuals, not necessarily construction workers. The world has gotten used to women wearing pants and cutting their hair short. When will the world get used to men wearing skirts and putting on makeup? Nobody tells a woman “haha, you’re wearing pants… you look like a man.” More like “damn, how did you fit in those pants?”

    When I go around wearing a skirt and makeup, old people look at me like I just whipped my dick out in public and started pissing all over everything. I run the risk of getting my ass whooped, and even girls can be phobic of the crossdressing guys.

    But I do get the occasional compliment for my bravery. I guess we’re halfway there. Some day, manskirts will be as normal as girlpants and nobody will mind. It’s all up to the cultural engineers of the corporate world of clothing manufacture and advertising. Aka the fashion gods.

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