Holy Unhealthy Upbringing Batman!!

Looks like someone is holding a competition as to who can raise their child with the most misplaced values. Who will win?! Stay tuned.



I actually feel bad for the ‘human barbie’ mother. She’s obviously gone through some serious trauma (the photo of her with her face smashed in is goddamned horrific) and maybe this is her way of dealing with that and getting back some sense of control. But for fuck’s sake, don’t project it onto your kid. The message is so unhealthy. Not only the ‘you’re not good enough as you are’ message, but also the ‘your only value lies in your looks’ message. This woman is deliberately raising a superficial twat. I mean just look at that kid. She’s 7 and I want to punch her in the face. But then I guess I’d be the bad guy. The police can be so finicky sometimes.

Having said that, I feel bad for the mansion buying Dad too, seeing as his wife died when the girl was 5 and, hey, maybe he doesn’t know how else to fill the void that would have left in his kid’s life. But in reality I don’t think he’s doing her any favours.

Now having said that, I would very much like a mansion please, if someone could buy me one. Rest assured that if someone were so generous I would put the mansion to good use. I would have separate rooms for each of my different nail polish colours and then when people would come over and ask if they can sleep the night, I’d say “Sorry, all the rooms are taken” and show them each of the little nail polish bottles tucked up in their king sized beds.

It’s a lifestyle choice. Don’t judge me.


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P-p-p-please be a piss-take.

Well I haven’t posted in a while because I’m…lazy? Yes. Yes, because I’m lazy. I know I’ve let down my readership dreadfully and I feel super bad about it. I would apologise but I can’ t be bothered. (Just kidding – sorry, Mum.)

Anyway, to make it up here is my Christmas gift to you. I don’t know if this song is meant to be a joke but for the sake of my own mental health I choose to believe that it is. I need to believe it.