Now is the Autumn of my exuberance

Way back in July 2011 I wrote a post called Got Milk, Fuckpants? 

It’s possibly one of my favourite things I’ve written because what I was writing about was so extraordinarily absurd and stupid that I could vent my spleen without worrying too much about nuance, or being even-handed. Sometimes dumb is just dumb.

So, it made me extremely happy when Autumn from Autumn’s Antics on Etsy immortalised a phrase I coined in the aforementioned article, “I’m just PSYCHO when it’s P-time in the V-town”, in the time honoured tradition of making a cross-stitched sampler.



Truly, this made me one of the Gods. Forever would my work remain on this earth through the beauty of thread and generations to come would know my name, fear my PMS, and be really really jealous that they didn’t own this.

But here’s the rub, I never owned this. I slacked off and missed out on the sale. What is the point of my magificence echoing throughout the annals of history if I couldn’t hang this on my wall?

Hearing my melodic, mournful cries sexily tumbling down the rockface of Mount Olympus, Autumn sprung into action, promising to send me a wee trinket to soothe my troubled heart.

But first she sounded a warning: it will not be as amazing as the sampler.

And she was right. It’s not. It’s BETTER.



You see that pile of awesome? The truly excellent badges that Autumn sells in her shop and that you should totally buy?

More importantly, see that item to the left?



That, my friends, is a necklace with ‘I am just PSYCHO when it’s P-time in the V-town’ cross-stitched into it. OH MY GOD. I am going to wear this everywhere like a goddamn talisman.

This is going to be my new family crest. That’s how excited I am about it.

Autumn, you complete me. You hold the needle and thread to my heart.

I can only mimic the sentiments on the Valentine’s Day card you included, sentiments which (dare I say it) deserve their own cross-stitched dedication:



3 Comments on “Now is the Autumn of my exuberance”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very funny and please do not send me the valentines card!!!! Over and out —-

  2. Tracey says:

    Finally someone else who recognizes your immortal talents!

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