You must also be able to breathe

I just saw this job ad:


“The ideal person for this role

-to have a strong administration background
-Is a positive self motivated that can fit in with a very dedicated small team of achivers
-Is able to speak, read,write and spell english, communicate effectively using email,text,phone,fax written and spoken word”
Translation: You must be a person.

And you smell…

I submitted an article to an academic journal today and am super nervous about it. In preparation for its inevitable rejection I have penned the worst possible rejection letter to myself so that anything else that comes back seems mild in comparison:

“Dear Dr Dolphin,

Doctor? Really? How did that happen, right? I’m not exactly sure how you achieved your doctorate and where you get off sending us such an ill thought out piece of swill, but we all think you should reconsider everything that makes you who you are.

Everyone here is offended, not just by your mistake of a paper, but by your very existence in the world.

Please try to be less terrible at life or just give up altogether and crawl into a dank, dirty cave to live out the rest of your days.

Even emailing you back makes me feel like I need a shower to rid myself from the debris of your intellectual and moral inferiority.

Goodbye, ‘Dr’ Dolphin.

P.S. Your calves are fat.”

Our own worst enemy?

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 2.15.18 PM



Oh man. I hate articles like these. Although this one was ok for the most part, I can’t help but feel that these kinds of discussions have such a huge potential to reinforce shitty gender stereotypes about women being bitchy and jealous of one another.

Firstly, there seems to be an assumption that just because a lot of people say they don’t want to work for a female boss then it must be true that female bosses are terrible.

Shouldn’t we be questioning whether this is actually a reality? Or why people view female bosses this way?

Why do men and women say they’d rather work for a man? Surely they can’t all have had an unpleasant female boss and even if they have – why write off more than half the world’s population for it? Have they also not had unpleasant male bosses?

I’m not saying this article is ‘wrong’ in any way – I do think it’s important to understand the pressures women are under in male dominated work spaces and what effect this has – but I just wish the focus could be expanded a little wider to look at why people think about female bosses this way.

There’s a brief mention in the article that this dislike of female leaders is directed to those who don’t fit the “traditional female stereotype” – well, who made the stereotype in the first place? It wasn’t women. Yes, women have been complicit to the oppression and degradation of other women. Yes, many women have absorbed the sexist lessons of gender inequality and stereotypes that we get fed from fucking birth. But to suggest that we are our own ‘worst enemy’ is a joke. Men, and the structures of gender inequality set up by men, still get that honour.