What just happened.


I just watched this and…I think I may be a serial killer now?




7 Comments on “What just happened.”

  1. Karen says:

    I think I used to evolve into that on a girls night out about one hundred years ago, before I became a mother. Now that’s just me on any given day when the house is a total mess. But without the sexy bit.

    • Haha- did you also wear Gwen’s clothing?

      One of the choices in this video that confuses me most is the decision to give the were-woman a gunt. Just, why?

      • Karen says:

        Gosh, I hope that was a typo and you meant ‘grunt’.

        • Nooo, I did mean gunt. It’s quite a terrible word but also an apt one. Plus I get enjoyment from using terrible language sometimes. You’re from aust, yeah? I’m assuming you know its meaning?

          • Karen says:

            Oh. Right. I’m very sorry to hear that because yes unfortunately, I understand. On another note, I wonder why all the really awful words have ‘unt’ in them?
            (PS Yes, I’m an Aussie)

            • Haha – oh dear, I’ve offended! Will it make you feel better if I draw sketches of you as you sleep? Make you a mix tape? Invent a cocktail and name it after how pretty you are?

              I can’t guarantee the cocktail will taste so amazing but it will be made with love and vodka.

              The ‘unt’ issue is a mystery for the ages but it really is a hard hitting sound. It makes me think of that scene in Arrested Development and Gob tells George Michael to stand next to Tobias’s “drainage shunt”. The shunt makes it so much worse.

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