Women, Abortion and the RU486

RU486 drug won’t lead to more abortions.”

Ya think?

While it’s encouraging to hear that the issue of the RU486 pill is back on the table, the discussion around abortion continues to anger and confound me in various terrible ways.

People talk about the difficulty of abortions as if the difficulty lies in something material, in some practical step you have to take to have an abortion.

It doesn’t.

The difficulty lies in the heart and the mind and the soul of the woman having to make that terrible choice.

If you think that not having to go through a surgery to have an abortion will mean that women will take abortion more lightly then you have a low fucking opinion of women. Whether you mean to or not, you have a low fucking opinion of women.

We are not children. We are not wanton. We are not soulless. We are not immoral.

We don’t need you to control us. We don’t need you to coddle us. We don’t need you to protect us from ourselves.

And you don’t need to protect yourselves from us.

You act as though you’re the sentry at the gate between society and the barbarian woman, ready to rip babies from the womb with no more thought than picking an apple.


Well fuck you.


Fuck you for thinking so little of us.


Fuck you for not loving us.


Fuck you for not trusting us.


You’re supposed to be my father, my brother, my lover, my friend.

But you assume the worst of us and then ask us to trust you in the same breath.

You mirror a false, paranoid image back to us of the lunatic woman tearing society apart with her complete moral abandon. And still you expect us to love you? Still you expect us to believe that you have our best interests at heart?


2 Comments on “Women, Abortion and the RU486”

  1. Mica Williams says:

    I was reading this and then read your blog on Gwynneth Paltrow, which was excellent, but I wondered why you use words like “cocksucker” and “twat” to insult her? Your points were valid, but if you want women to be respected, as this post suggests, why attack her with words that explicitly target her as a female? Surely there are some more gender-neutral words you could use? Also, you are an articulate writer but your constant use of the word “fuck” is just so boring and unnecessary. Your strong and valid points are getting lost in the crudity of your language.

    • Hmm, a good question! For twat the explanation is simple – I actually didn’t realise it was gendered! I thought it was just a synonym for idiot but have since googled and now see what you’re talking about. I always thought ‘twat’ was idiot and ‘twot’ was vagina.

      As for cocksucker – you know, I’ve never thought of it as a particularly gendered term. I can see why I that seems weird but the consonance of the term is just awesome. But I will definitely have a rethink as to whether it’s a good term to be using, partic in certain contexts.

      As to the word ‘fuck’ – ahhh, I just like that word. It gives me great pleasure to say/write it so I don’t see it disappearing soon. But writing is an evolving process so we’ll see whether that changes or not (it also depends on what I’m writing about and what mood I’m in).

      Glad you enjoy some aspects of my writing though – thanks for commenting!

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