Operation Sovereign Borders


It’s Operation Sovereign Borders, people! Man the borders. Deploy xenophobia on my signal and GO GO GO. Where is your armour gilded from fear and ignorance? GET YOURSELVES TOGETHER. We are under attack from evil, deadly refugees with all their…refugeeness and…human needs. They will reduce this country to a wasteland.

You need to shoot the boats and the people in the boats and the water that the boats are in. And then you need to shoot the land connected to the water and any boats on that land as well. Then you need to shoot yourself because you may be a refugee and not even know it. They’re sneaky like that. They will get into your blood stream and take over and then they will find your family and kill them all. So if you think you might be a refugee then you should probably enact a pre-emptive strike against yourself. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. You’re not a human being anymore, you’re just a refugee.


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